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Highsider FRAME~R2 Type 5 5.75 inch LED Motorcycle Headlight E~Marked

Every centimetre counts to place the headlight as neatly as possible between the two standpipes in the fork.
"Reduced to the Max" was the premise for the development of the innovative Frame headlight mount. With the simplistic aluminium ring it is possible to mount LED headlight inserts free-standing on the motorcycle. The deliberate omission of a headlamp housing enables an unbeatably slimline installation and also provides better cooling of the LED unit. 
The Highsider Type 5 5.75 inch LED headlight provides both high and low beams with a (symmetric - suitable for use worldwide) prismatic chromed reflector, clear lens & built in parking light. The low beam illuminates the upper half of the headlight, and both halves lights up when high-beam is in use.
The Type 5 headlight is equipped with a symmetric dip beam pattern it is fully E-marked and road legal for all countries, eg UK and Europe, USA and Australia.
For variable mounting of the headlamp two different mounting systems are available; 
- Side Mount, the conventional screw connection at the side of the lamp holder. The side mount holders can be mounted in three positions, thus compensating for 32mm in installation depth and 46mm in width.
- Bottom Mount, attachment at the bottom for screw connection to the fork bridge  
  • Round 5.75" inch headlight with CNC mounting ring and mounting kit
  • Mounting WITHOUT a headlight housing
  • Improves cooling
  • Multiple mounting possibilities
  • Flat mounting
  • Modern optics, stylishly innovative
  • Chrome-plated reflector with clear glass
  • Symmetrical luminous flux 
  • E-Marked 
  • Housing diameter: 165 mm
  • Lens Diameter: 135 mm
  • Rear Housing Diameter (behind Frame ring): 145 mm
  • Depth: 60mm (from rear of Frame ring)
  • From mid-fixing screw to housing rear: 60 mm
  • Variant side mounting: M8
Connections, Power consumption (3 pin connector):
Red cable = low beam (+), at 12V, 25W (1121,2 lm)
White cable = high beam (+),at 12V, 21W (1510,7 lm)
Brown cable = parking light (+), at 12V 0,5 Watt
Black cable = ground (-)


Price: £259.95
Manufacturer Highsider
Product ID 223-270-1
IAN/EAN: 4054783554133
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