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If you're looking to simplify the wiring of your bike? Maybe a power distribution module is for you. These intelligent devices work as the heart of your motorcycle.

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Motogadget m~Button for m~Unit Motorcycle Digital Controller

Motogadget m-Button for m-Unit V2 and the new m-Unit Blue Motorcycle Digital Controllers, another innovation from motogadget. It's a big help - must be used in combination with the m-Unit - in reducing 'cable clutter' and simplifying wiring harnesses.

  • Integrated into the handlebar tube - or any other adequate location - this tiny cylinder will electrically connect all handlebar instruments, switches and buttons.
  • Using state-of-the-art bus technology, the m-Button digitally processes signals and transmits them to the m-Unit over a thin cable.
  • The electrical consumers will then be switched inside the m-Unit.
  • All control wires are moved into the handlebar. This saves space, weight, labour and time. A 'must have' for custom bikes with clean-look handlebars.
  • Will not work without the m-Unit
Price: £41.99
47.24 EUR 56.22 USD
Motogadget Motorcycle Harness Cable Kit for the m~Unit

The Motogadget Motorcycle Harness Cable Kit for the m-Unit is a ready-made set of cables to aid in the assembly of a wiring harness.

  • This cable kit consists of top grade copper-strand cables and will help you doing quick work of creating a new wiring harness.
  • The different cable diameters and colours are ideally suited for application in connection with the m-Unit. Their number and length is sufficient for most models.
Price: £50.99
57.37 EUR 68.27 USD
Axel Joost American to EU Rear Light Conversion Box
The Axel Joost Rear Light EU Microcontroller for an easy rebuilding of the tail lights concerning US imported motorcycles to Europe. For universal usage.
Almost every bike in the USA runs with a brake light / indicator combination in the way, that 2 lamps works as brake light and as indicator as well. 
Price: £104.95
118.07 EUR 140.51 USD
Axel Joost Electronic Box Version H Motorcycle Lighting Control Unit
The Axel Joost Electronic Box Version H Motorcycle Lighting Control Unit is the smallest electronic box on the market. The box is able to control the main electrical functions of your motorcycle from a central location. The Electronicbox provides the following functions:
  • Light control with switch and push button possible
  • Flasher control with switch and push button possible
  • Emergency flash function
  • 2 x flashes when ignition on
  • Comfort flasher function
  • Control of horn
  • Control of starter relay
Price: £127.95
143.95 EUR 171.31 USD
Axel Joost Electronic Box Version D Motorcycle Lighting Control Unit
The Axel Joost Electronic Box Version D Motorcycle Electronic control unit controls the main functions of your motorbike in combinations with push buttons. The following options are possible:
  • Flasher control with button or a switch
  • Auto flasher off function, emergency flasher, "Low Light" dim modus adjustable
  • Control of low - and high beam possible with 2 buttons or a switch
  • Control of starter relay and motor off with 1 or 2 buttons
  • Control of the horn
  • Brake light control or user programmable dim function of the rear light.
  • 8 status led´s at the outputs give a visible response of the power outputs.
Price: £149.95
168.70 EUR 200.76 USD
Axel Joost Electronics Box Version B Electrical Control Unit
This Axel Joost version B electronics box was developed in response to customer inquiries, they wanted a box for a fast simple installation to control the ignition and lighting.
The B-Box can be powered via the normal ignition switch, or an optional RFID antenna can be connected for keyless access. Alternatively, you can also connect an optional Bluetooth module, which allows complete control of your bike via your mobile phone.


Price: £174.95
196.83 EUR 234.23 USD
Axel Joost Electronic Box Version G Motorcycle Lighting Control Unit
The Axel Joost Electronic Box Version G Motorcycle Electronic control unit and handlebar switch adapter.  The G-Box is comes with 1 or 2 handle bar switch adapters.  It controls the main electrical functions with push buttons on your motorcycle from a central location. The handlebar internal adapter reduces all the handlebar controls to a single wire interface with the control unit, removing all electrical handlebar clutter.
The Electronicbox provides the following functions: 
  • Light control with switch and pushbutton possible 
  • Light control 
  • Control of flasher 
  • Emergency flash function 
  • 2 x flashes when ignition on 
  • Flasher function with automatic off 
  • Control of horn 
  • Control of starter relay 
  • Control of engine stop function possible with 1 or 2 
  • Alarm switch input 
  • Brake light control 
  • Control from neutral - and stand switch possible. 
  • 8 Status leds on the cable side for an easy and fast wiring check.
Price: £184.95
208.08 EUR 247.62 USD
Motogadget m~Unit Basic Motorcycle Digital Controller and Fuse Box
The new mo.unit basic without Bluetooth® LE has moved on from the established m.unit v.2 by undergoing significant development and improvements. It is now equipped with 12 inputs, 10 outputs and replaceable high-quality cable clamps. It offers the same features like the m.unit blue but without Bluetooth® LE und connectivity to the m.ride app. 
The m.unit basic is the digital control unit for your motorbike – the heart of the entire on-board electrical system. It can be operated using buttons or using conventional handlebar switches. It controls all necessary components on the vehicle while also performing fuse functions. 
There are considerably fewer relays and individual components in the wiring harness and the vehicle can be rewired with less effort in a very short amount of time. 
When using the m.button, all switch connections are reduced to one single cable.

Manual for m-Unit Basic

Price: £239.95
269.96 EUR 321.26 USD
Motogadget m~Unit Blue Bluetooth Motorcycle Digital Controller and Fuse Box
The new mo.unit blue bluetooth motorcycle control unit from Motogadget. Compared to the proven previous version (m-unit v.2) this has been evolved and improved significantly. Now you have 12 inputs and 10 outputs, higher quality cable clamps and especially now a Bluetooth® LE (Low Energy) interface. 
This can talk to the blue m.unit directly with our app 'm.ride' on your your smart phone (please see compatibility below). This functionality is unique in the accessories area for motorbikes. 
Price: £289.95
326.21 EUR 388.20 USD
Axel Joost Electronic Box Version C Motorcycle Lighting Control Units

Axel Joost electronics box version C with 1 or 2 handle bar adapters, the available electronics boxes on the market all reduce the number of cables laid on the bike. This makes installation easier.

The universally applicable digital cable harness version C (The C stands for Communication ...) for key control goes a revolutionary new way:
A small control box on the handlebar, available with 1 or 2 handlebar adapters and a small control box on the rear part of the bike take over the entire control of the bike and "talk" through a thin serial line.
The load cables to the consumers are wired by the closer box. As a result, various cable meters are saved, the load lines to the consumers are shorter and the installation time is drastically reduced in a rebuild.
Price: £299.95
337.46 EUR 401.59 USD
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