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Resistors, diodes, or capacitors can be used for voltage suppression and control.

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Silicon~Power~Diode 5A, (U) 50V, Rear Light Blocking~Diode

Silicon-Power-Diode 5A, (U) 50V, blocking-diode. When adding LED rear tail light / turn signal combinations in addition to bulb original tail lights, it can happen that a small leakage current flows from the brake line,  when the Rear light cable is connected or vice versa. 

For example we have just had a supplementary LED rear light switch off when the brake light cables are connected.

To prevent this, a 5A blocking diode in series is connected to the brake light cable in a way that the current can flow to the new LED tail light but not back. The silver bar on the diode marks the direction to where the electricity can flow.

Manufacturer Highsider
2.24 EUR 2.72 USD
SHIN YO 27 Ohm Resistors with Cables for LED Indicators Pair
A pair of SHIN YO resistors fitted with male and female bullet connectors. Slows the fast flashing rate when fitting LED indicator flashers in place of original 10w indicators.
  • 27 Ohm/5 Watt
  • Delivery contents: 1 pair
Manufacturer Shin Yo
5.69 EUR 6.89 USD
Indicator Relays for Halogen Incandescent Bulb Indicators

These indicator relays are for halogen incandescent bulb indicators not LED.  They are suitable for 8-23w bulbs by selection.  Please choose the model with the same connectors as standard and for the bulb wattage you are using.


Manufacturer BikeIt
6.83 EUR 8.28 USD
LED Rear Light Can~Bus Compensator Resistor Lead

LED Rear Light Can-Bus Compensator Resistor Lead for motorbikes with CAN-bus electrical system such as the BMW R1200GS which may show an error if a LED tail light is mounted.

  • To avoid an error message, this resistor is connected to the rear light.
  • Resistor with adaptor cable and 4.7mm or 6.3mm blade connectors. 
Manufacturer Highsider
10.28 EUR 12.46 USD
30A 12v DC Universal Switching Relay

This 12v DC Universal Switching Relay has a maximum 30A current load.  Comes with a rubber slide on mount..

Manufacturer Highsider
10.28 EUR 12.46 USD
Motorbike LED Indicator Relays and Resistors

LED Motorbike indicators work with a lower wattage than standard bulb type indicators. To avoid rapid flashing it may be necessary to replace the existing relay with a specially designed LED relay correcting the wattage.

If you are only changing one pair of indicators eg the rear, you can use inline resistors, these are required for each indicator.

The selection you make below changes the image to show that choice..

Manufacturer BikeIt
13.73 EUR 16.64 USD
Motogadget m~Lock BackCapacitor
The m.lock backup capacitor is used to level short-term voltage drops to the main relay, mainly used with large engines or starters requiring a high current from the battery, to prevent m-lock dropouts... 
If cranking the engine via the electrical starter is slow and resistive, very large single cylinder capacities or high compressions can cause significant voltage drops. Implementing a backup capacitor prevents short-term voltage drops from de-energizing the main relay. 
Excessive voltage drops can only be prevented by an optimal, sufficiently powerful battery and the lowest possible resistance in the vehicles electrical cables.
Manufacturer MotoGadget
14.92 EUR 18.09 USD
Highsider Motorbike DRL Control Box CB1
This Highsider Motorbike DRL Control Box CB1 is for motorcycles without an OEM light switch
Installing the DRL-box CB1 ensure the correct operation between daytime running light and headlight on vehicles without a light switch. According to the ECE regulation, the DRL must switch off (or dim down to front position light if available) as soon as the headlight will be switched on.

Note: The required ON/ OFF switch is not included, please order additional item no 240-044

Manufacturer Highsider
15.50 EUR 18.78 USD
HIGHSIDER  PW~NANO Digital Motorcycle Flasher Relay Load Independent
This HIGHSIDER PW-NANO is an extremely tiny digital flasher relay, ideal for LED indicators, but also perfect for common 10 Watt or 21 Watt bulb indicators.
Fit in most handle bar tubes or frames.
Absolute frequency stabilized, waterproof and vibration resistant. Made in Germany.
  • For indicators from 0,1 to 21 Watt
  • Operating voltage: 8 V - 18 V
  • Load range from 0.1 to 42 Watt per Side


Manufacturer Highsider
20.09 EUR 24.35 USD
Highsider Position Light Dimming Control Box CB2
This Highsider Position Light Dimming Control- Box CB2 is installed with the combination 2in1 indicator/position lights such as our Apollo range and activates a new great safety feature. 
During the indicator flashing process, the CB2 box switches the white position light off and starts only again after the flashing process finishes. Thus, the flashing indicator signal is much more visible in road traffic.
Manufacturer Highsider
20.62 EUR 24.99 USD
Motogadget m~relay Standard 20A Switching Relay
The MotoGadget mo.relay is a very compact relay able to operate almost all appliances.
High or low beam, horn, ignition etc. can be switched easily and almost lossless. Higher current loads are put closer to the appliance (e.g. lights). Ignition lock and/or handlebar switch only have to bear a minimal pilot current load. Failures and burned contact pins are a thing of the past! Due to minimized conductor loss, e.g. beam brightness is significantly increased - additional safety!
Manufacturer MotoGadget
24.11 EUR 29.23 USD
Highsider Can Bus Wizard Indicator Variable Resistor CBW1
The CBW1 resistor provides a required electrical load for your vehicle, which, if the dip switches are set correctly, will result in elininating the dash warning lights and fast flashing when fitting after market LED indicators.
Our newly developed HIGHSIDER CAN-BUS resistor CBW1 fits most vehicles that have a CAN-BUS system.
Manufacturer Highsider
25.83 EUR 31.31 USD
Highsider Electronic Two Channel Relay 6~14V Operating Range
This Highsider Electronic Two Channel Relay has a 6~14V operating range with inputs for non-latching switches. Acts as two independent relays..
When one of the two inputs is connected to ground via a switch the corresponding 12 V output is switched on. 
The outputs can supply lines up to 40 W in continuous operation. 
Manufacturer Highsider
25.83 EUR 31.31 USD
Motogadget m~Flash Digital Flasher Indicator Relay

This Motogadget m-Flash Digital Flasher Indicator Relay is by far the most compact load independent flasher relay on the market.
Nothing comes close in size and simplicity! The m-Flash flasher unit substitutes all conventional flasher relays.

Casing (L x W x H): 18 mm x 13 mm x 9.5 mm
Connector cable length: approx. 2 x 50 mm
Weight: approx. 4 g

Attention: If you are looking for a flasher relay with automatic deactivation please refer to our m-Stop series!

Instruction Manual Please Read

Manufacturer MotoGadget
28.71 EUR 34.80 USD
Motogadget m~Wave Fading Digital Flasher Indicator Relay

This Motogadget mo.wave Fade In Fade Out Digital Flasher Indicator Relay is the world's first digital flasher relay with fade-in/fade-out effect. Furthermore, it is very compact and load independent.

Every flasher light model is faded in and out smoothly - even LEDs! Brand new style and looks for your turn signal. 
While conventional hard switching flashers - especially LED models - only switch on and off blandly, your m-Wave oscillates in a fascinating wave pattern! Flasher lights in a revolutionary new design - ultra compact and light. Basically just a piece of wire with a tiny candy-sized device. Ideal to draw more attention to all kinds of modded or styled motorbikes and cars.

Instruction Manual Please Read

Manufacturer MotoGadget
33.88 EUR 41.06 USD
Motogadget m~Stop Digital Brake Light Modulator

Motogadget mo.stop, the tunable digital brake light modulator for higher road safety. Various flashing modes turn conventional brake lights into an eye-catching hazard light. Successive vehicles can much quicker identify the activated brakes of a leading motorbike. A considerable plus in motorbike safety as bikes are prone to be overlooked. This is especially true with custom bikes and mods with either small or low riding brake lights.

Higher end cars already use this technology (adaptive brake lights).
Very common in other countries such as the USA. Unfortunately not (yet) approved in Germany.

Manufacturer MotoGadget
40.19 EUR 48.72 USD
Axel Joost Motorcycle In Handlebar Multi Flasher Relay
The Axel Joost Motorcycle In Handlebar Multi Flasher Relay is a small flasher controller for pushbuttons in a small package which will fit in any handlebar with an internal diameter of no less than 18mm.
A comfort flasher function is integrated which will switch off the indicators after a while if no button is be pushed. 
Manufacturer Highsider
48.19 EUR 58.41 USD
Axel Joost Motorcycle Mini Switch Relay

The Axel Joost Motorcycle Mini Switch electronic relay contains 2 power outputs what can drive 60 Watt / each. The control is with a push button, to be connected to the yellow cable respect to gnd. Every push on the button will change the status of the outputs.

This is the standard operation for low - and high beam. If the green cable is be connected to gnd the outputs will change simultaneously. In this case you can use the relay as 120 Watt switch. Just cut the cable for the normal change between low beam and high beam.

Manufacturer Highsider
48.19 EUR 58.41 USD
Indian Scout Rear Kellermann iLash I3 Indicator LED Adapter Kit

Specifically for the rear (only) of the Indian Scout from 2015 onwards (not Bobber) this i.LASH i3 is for use when fitting Kellermann 3in1 rear combination lights.  

Includes all parts necessary to ensure that the flashing frequency is correct after an indiicator and rear light conversion to LED and that no error messages are displayed in the cockpit.

Manufacturer Kellermann
59.68 EUR 72.33 USD
Healtech EXUP Servo Eliminator ESE~S01 for Suzuki GSXR B~King

The Healtech EXUP Servo Eliminator ESE-S01 for Suzuki is suitable for a range of Suzuki Motorcycles GSXR and B-King as listed on the detail page.  It eliminates the FI light after removing the exhaust servo motor from your motorcycle.

This tiny little fella will eliminate not only the bulky, heavy and space wasting OEM servo motor with the operating cables and wiring, which could even save you up to 1kg and a lot of under seat storage. Now you have space for that coveted alarm system, fuel/ignition module, traction control, safety vest, medikit, puncture repair kit, tools or whatever you might store under your ride’s seat.

Manufacturer Shin Yo
59.68 EUR 72.33 USD
Motogadget m~Can OBD Signal Converter for Harley Davidson 2004~
This Motogadget m-Can OBD Signal Converter is a digital adaptor for the hassle-free direct connection of our Motogadget instruments to the diagnostic interface of post-2004* Harley-Davidson™ machines.
Plug & Drive - it doesn't get easier! FITTING INSTRUCTIONS
Manufacturer MotoGadget
67.76 EUR 82.14 USD
Kawasaki Z900 and RS Kellermann iLash K1 Indicator LED Adapter Kit

Specifically for the Kawasaki Z900 and Z900RS from 2018 onwards these i.LASH products include all parts necessary to ensure that the flashing frequency is correct after a flasher conversion to LED and that no error messages are displayed in the cockpit.

Manufacturer Kellermann
68.86 EUR 83.47 USD
Motogadget m~Relay+ Flasher Indicator Relay
The mo.Relay+ purposefully combines a load independent digital flasher relay and electronic push-button controls. 
Please read the Install Manual before ordering
Depending on how long the respective turn signal push-button is activated, 4 different operating modes are available:
a) Change of lane: Short tap on push-button - blink 3x and automatic switch-off
b) Turn: Pressing push-button shortly - blink 10x and automatic switch-off
c) Continuous flashing: Pressing push-button longer - switching off only after pressing the push-button repeatedly
d) The m-Relay+ is equipped with a hazard flasher function - activated by pressing both push-buttons simultaneously
Manufacturer MotoGadget
78.10 EUR 94.67 USD
Highsider DRL and Dip Beam Auto Switch Box E~BOX Type 1
The Highsider PW E-BOX TYPE 1 is used in the DRL circuit via a light sensor for automatic switching between daytime running lights and low beam.
The HIGHSIDER PW E-BOX TYPE 1 recognizes when it gets dark or bright, and then automatically turns on the low beam and at the same time the DRL off (or vice versa).
Additionally equipped (optional switchable) is the so-called "coming home" function. This makes it possible after switching off the motorcycle in the dark for the daytime running light to stay lit for another 30 Seconds.
Manufacturer Highsider
97.58 EUR 118.28 USD
Motogadget m~Can J1850 Signal Converter for Harley Davidson
This Motogadget m-Can J1850 Signal Converter is a digital breakout box for the hassle-free direct connection of our Motogadget instruments to the stock wiring harness connectors of Harley-Davidson™ motorcycles.
Plug & Drive - it doesn't get easier! 

Manufacturer MotoGadget
136.68 EUR 165.68 USD
Hollisters Electronic Control Box for Indian Scout Rear Lights
This Hollisters Electronic Control Box is for fitting the Indian Scout models from 2014 with LED  rear lights with integrated turn signals such as the Wunderkind products.
Special order 10-15 days for UK delivery..
Suitable for European pattern rear light with amber indicator models only..
Serves to connect accessory LED rear lights with integrated turn signals or our own indicator/taillight combi 2Stripes at Indian Scout models.
Manufacturer Wunderkind
223.94 EUR 271.44 USD
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