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Highsider M6 CNC Motorcycle 22mm or 1" Handlebar Accessory Clamp
This useful Highsider Handlebar Clamp is CNC milled from aluminium to allow you to comfortably mount your M6 instruments, brackets for navigation systems and mobile phones or other technical devices to your handlebar.
Available in Black or Polished Chrome, for 22mm or 1" handlebars.
Manufacturer Highsider
20.39 USD 19.56 EUR
Oxford Micro Waterproof Digital Motorbike Clock Temperature Gauge

Oxford Micro Waterproof Digital Motorbike Clock Temperature Gauge is a miniaturised clock with velcro patch fitting and backlit display.

  • Temperature gauge (-10°C to +50°C)
  • Ice alert function: flashes when external temperature drops to 3 degrees
  • Back-lit display
Manufacturer Oxford Products
23.40 USD 22.45 EUR
Motogadget Spares M5 Reed Contact Speedometer Sensor

Motogadget Spares M5 Reed Contact Speedometer Sensor is a highly compact M5 reed contact is a spare part for the included speedometer sensors.

The stainless steel reed contact fits all motogadget instruments.

  • Industrial-grade quality (IP68). Used to detect magnets on rotating parts.
  • M5 x 0,5 fine-pitch thread, length 22 mm, incl. 2 nuts. Cable length 150 cm.
  • 2 small high capacity neodymium magnets included.
Manufacturer MotoGadget
26.46 USD 25.38 EUR
Motorbike Carburettor Vacuum Balance Gauges

Gauges for easy balancing of Motorbike carburettors, includes brass connecting rods, rubber pipe and baffle valves.

Available as 2 Gauges for Singles !! or Twin cylinders...
Or 4 Gauges for twins, triples or four cylinders.

Manufacturer BikeIt
27.61 USD 26.48 EUR
MotoGP Digital Motorbike Tyre Pressure Gauge

MotoGP Digital Motorbike Tyre Pressure Gauge, correct tyre pressures are essential for safe and successful Motorbike riding. Maintaining correct tyre pressure also ensures optimum fuel usage and tyre life.

The MotoGP Tyre Pressure Monitor allows any user to easily maintain tyre pressure.

Manufacturer MotoGP
28.26 USD 27.11 EUR
Oxford High Specification Analogue Motorbike Clock

The Oxford High Specification Analogue Motorbike Clock has been designed specifically for use on Motorbikes, from the ground up.

Tough alloy & stainless steel construction with hardened mineral glass
Designed & tested to endure vibration, heat, and extreme weather
250 hour salt spray test to standard ASTM B117
Water resistant to 3 ATM or 30 meters

  • Available in Silver, Black or Titanium finishes
Manufacturer Oxford Products
30.62 USD 29.37 EUR
Oil Filler Plug Motorcycle Oil Temperature Gauge

A range of JMT brand Oil Filler Plug Motorcycle Oil Temperature Gauges designed to replace the original oil filler cap on a large range of motorbikes. 

Part supplied is correct thread and dipstick length, generic images used.

The display can be rotated in the adapter to the desired position.  For optimal needle damping the stainless steel indicator face is filled with oil and rubber mounted in the adapter.  The air bubble in the damping oil is for pressure compensation due to thermal fluctuations.

Manufacturer Highsider
32.42 USD 31.10 EUR
Motogadget Ignition Signal Tachometer Sensor

Motogadget Ignition signal sensor (rev signal) used for nearly all capacitor discharge ignitions and other ignitions with poor quality ignition signals.

  • Directly mounted to the ignition cable (high voltage cable).
  • Not applicable for plug top coils / pencil coils.
Manufacturer MotoGadget
36.08 USD 34.61 EUR
Motogadget Spares M5 Inductive Proximity Speedometer Sensor
These M5 fitting inductive proximity sensors can be deployed as alternative speedometer sensor on all our instruments. They requires NO magnets to pick up impulses.
Usually it is just pointed at big rotating metal parts. Depending on the type of motorbike, adjustment is more demanding as is the adjustment of e.g. Dry-Reed contacts.
M5 threading, 25 mm length, 2 nuts included. Cable length 150 cm
ATTENTION: 9007045 is the speed sensor with NEGATIVE/GROUND signal and is used with Motogadgets latest instruments. Please check with your manual, what signal your speedo input expects if fitting to an older gauge.
Manufacturer MotoGadget
37.28 USD 35.76 EUR
BikeIt Trackday Motorbike Digital Lap Timer

The BikeIt Trackday Motorbike Digital Lap Timer is a simple and reliable lap-timing unit for all race and practice purposes. It comes with a wireless I.R. transmitter and has a compact and lightweight design. The LCD receiver is easily mounted to road and off-road motorcycle, karts, cars and cycles.


Manufacturer BikeIt
54.08 USD 51.87 EUR
BikeIt LED Illuminated Motorcycle Analogue Speedometer

These BikeIt cable operated and LED illuminated Motorcycle Speedometers are available as MPH or KMH, they have a blue LED backlight and feature an LCD trip and odemeter section.

  • 61mm diameter face
  • LCD total distance plus Trip 1 and 2
  • MSPM09 MPH Ratio 2:1 (140 mp/h)
  • MSPK09 KMH Ratio 1:4 (230 km/h)
Manufacturer BikeIt
64.91 USD 62.26 EUR
Koso Track Day GPS Motorcycle Lap Timer and Speedometer
Following the popular demand, the Koso crew of engineers have developed a high tech GPS lap timer to accommodate professional and amateur riders. By using the GPS technology, this lap timer will allow you to get a precise and accurate reading without having to install different beacons around the track. 
Last but not least, this lap timer can also be used as a simple GPS speedometer, due to the speed and odometer functions.
Manufacturer Koso Instruments
288.68 USD 276.90 EUR
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