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Mirror extensions – extend your vision and safety

Mirror extenders provide a better view of traffic behind by increasing the distance of the mirrors from fairing and handlebar and provide a definite increase in view range resulting in less head and eye movement and drastically reducing rider fatigue. Different configurations support the integration in the appearance of enduro, street or racing bikes.

Mirror extensions for almost any motorcycle

  • BMW only: mirror extenders for BMW get mounted to the mirror thread and lateral relocated up to 6.6 cm
  • Mirror thread: universal mirror extenders for mirror thread relocate mirrors that are mounted on the handlebar up to 4 cm in height and sidewards
  • Profile extension: profile extensions offer a lateral relocation up to 4 cm
  • Hinge extension: an adjustable hinge relocates the mirrors up to 4 cm laterally
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Bike It Black 10mm Thread Mirror Extender

This Bike It Black Thread Mirror Extender has an internal 10mm thread in either a standard or Yamaha direction thread.

  • Offers 40mm horizontal and 27mm vertical extension

  • Extra bolt included

Manufacturer BikeIt
11.93 USD 11.19 EUR
Highsider 16~L 37mm Handlebar Mirror Extension for Highsider Mirrors

The Highsider 16-L extensions for handlebar mirrors provide better visibility of rear traffic, improving awareness on the road. The spacers are made of high-quality aluminium and are simply mounted on the joint between thread and shaft. The extension is 37 mm per side. Suitable for Highsider handlebar mirrors with a stem diameter of 16 mm

Supplied as a pair
  • Colour: glossy black or matt silk
  • length: 55 mm 
  • Hole spacing: 37 mm
  • Diameter: 16 mm
Manufacturer Highsider
20.05 USD 18.81 EUR
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