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Contact free digital ignition locks with RFID technology, substitutes mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching feature respectively.

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Motogadget Mo.Lock Replacement Key Fob

Motogadget mo.lock Replacement Programmable Key Fob in their traditional tear drop shape.

  • One supplied
  • Needs original red fob to enable programming
Manufacturer MotoGadget
14.45 USD 13.55 EUR
Motogadget mo.Lock BackCapacitor
The mo.lock backup capacitor is used to level short-term voltage drops to the main relay, mainly used with large engines or starters requiring a high current from the battery, to prevent m-lock dropouts... 
If cranking the engine via the electrical starter is slow and resistive, very large single cylinder capacities or high compressions can cause significant voltage drops. Implementing a backup capacitor prevents short-term voltage drops from de-energizing the main relay. 
Excessive voltage drops can only be prevented by an optimal, sufficiently powerful battery and the lowest possible resistance in the vehicles electrical cables.
Manufacturer MotoGadget
16.33 USD 15.32 EUR
Motogadget mo.Lock Glass Tube Reed Key for m~Lock RFID Ignition Switch

The Glass Tube Key is a tiny glass tube used as an alternative key (user key) for the MotoGadget m-Lock RFID ignition lock.

  • Euro not included !
Manufacturer MotoGadget
16.96 USD 15.91 EUR
MotoGadget mo.Lock Contactless Radio Frequency Keyless Ignition Lock

The MotoGadget mo.lock Contactless Radio Frequency Keyless Ignition Lock is a contact free digital ignition lock with RFID technology and replaces mechanical ignition locks or their electrical switching feature respectively.

Fitting Instructions Please Read

The associated digital key/transponder only has to be approached to the mo.Lock (switching distance approx. 40-50 mm) and the ignition is switched on or off completely contact free.

Not recommended for use with immobilisers unless they can be de-activated.

Manufacturer MotoGadget
157.09 USD 147.38 EUR
Axel Joost Digital Ignition Lock Easy RFID New Version

In contrast to other RFID solutions on the market, this RFID ignition lock does not consume any significant power in standby, so that the battery is spared and the motorcycle starts up even after several months without operation.

In addition, 2 load switches for the ignition / peripherals (20 Ampere) and the start relay (3 Ampere) are already integrated, which saves additional parts and minimizes the wiring effort. A small supplied piezo loudspeaker can be connected if required and emits a short acoustic signal when a trained key is detected.

Manufacturer Highsider
173.43 USD 162.72 EUR
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