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Muller Hydro Clutch for HD Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight from 2018

This Muller Hydro Clutch is a newly developed clutch relief specially adapted for hydraulic clutches of the Harley Davidson Milwaukee Eight models and offers up to 45% relief on the Milwaukee Eight models.
Just in traffic jams, long pass roads or in city traffic, the hand often hurts after a short time. The Müller Hydro Clutch provides the remedy!
Bet on the original!
Can take 10 days for despatch..
Harley-Davidson® recall
Currently, Harley-Davidson® is issuing a recall that affects some models with hydraulic clutches.
A list, in which you can see whether also your model is there, you can request with us. If this is the case, you can save money on the installation of the Hydro Clutch. Talk to your dealer about it right away!
Advantages of the Hydro Clutch:
- Quick and invisible installation
- Maintenance free
- Better clutch metering
- 35% relief on Twin Cam models
- 45% relief on Milwaukee Eight models
- Utility model protected
For detailed installation information, please refer to the installation instructions.
Important Info / FAQ's:
!!!!! Installation should only be carried out by an authorised specialist workshop. We accept no liability for improper installation !!!!!
What to watch out for?
Make sure that none of the seals come into contact with mineral oil. This can lead to total failure of the clutch!
What do I do if seals have already been in contact with mineral oil?
In this case do NOT mount the Hydro Clutch and contact us directly!
What do I do if the clutch does not separate cleanly after installing the Hydro Clutch?
These are possible reasons why it is not working:
1. The system has not been properly vented (is the cause in 90%). Often small air bubbles hide in the pipe, which do not go out immediately when venting. Tap the line a little.
2. Clutch lever
Clutch levers from the accessories often have a modified geometry and are closer to the handle. This can result in insufficient stroke to separate the clutch cleanly.
3. Coupling fittings
The same applies to other coupling fittings. If the volume in the hand pump changes, the pressure may not be sufficient for the clutch to separate cleanly.
4. Thick grips and leather straps
Thick grips or leather straps on the clutch lever can also cause loss of travel when clutching.
We therefore recommend NOT to use any of the mentioned accessories! When using the Hydro Clutch in combination with the original articles you have the best hand force relief and a clean separating clutch!
Fits the following vehicles:
Milwaukee Eight®
FLH from 2018
FLT from 2018
FLRT from 2018
Model specifications are subject to change without notice - Müller Motorcycle AG reserves the right to make changes.
Price: £264.95
324.06 USD 306.85 EUR
Product ID 315-993
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