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Koso RXF Multifunction TFT Motorcycle Cockpit Dash Speedometer

The Koso RXF Multifunction TFT Motorcycle Cockpit Dash Speedometer, if you’re seeking for the latest and greatest in speedometer technology, then feast your eyes on the latest TFT technology, this meter will amaze you for its versatile settings and vibrant colors. 

Installation Manual PDF

The TFT screen’s great display features a tremendous amount of functions such as : speed, tachometer, shift light, warning lights, gear indicator, temperature, fuel level, voltage, lean angle, G meter and more… 

With its fast response rate, wide viewing angle and sharp details, get ready for the future with our most advanced meter yet!

Speedometer Display range:0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
Odometer Display range:0~99,999 km (mile), reset automatically after 99,999 km (mile)
Trip meter A.B Display range:0~999.9 km (mile), reset automatically after 0~9999.9 km (mile)
Speeding warning light Setting range:30~360 km/h (19~225 MPH)
Top speed record Display range:0~360 km/h (0~225 MPH)
Tire circumference Setting range:300~2,500 mm
Gear Meter(Learning) Display range:N、1~9 or No Display
Tachometer Display range:10,000 、12,000 、15,000 、18,000 、20,000 RPM
Thermometer Display range:˚C & ˚F for alternative
Digital Thermometer Display range:0 ~ 250.0 ˚C (32.0 ~ 482.0 ˚F)
Level Thermometer Display range:6 Level
  Display unit:Start from 0˚C with each interval 20˚C
Temperature warning(Water & Oil) Setting range:60 ~ 250.0 ˚C (140.0 ~ 482.0 ˚F)
Top temperature Display range:0 ~ 250.0 ˚C (32.0 ~ 482.0 ˚F)
Ambient temp. Display range:-20 ~ 60°C (-4.0 ~ 140.0°F)
Low thermometer waring Setting range:-20 ~ 10°C (14 ~ 68°F)
Level Fuel Display range:6 Level
Fuel resistance setting Display range:100Ω , 250Ω , 270Ω , 510Ω , 1200Ω , SW , Learning
RPM shift light Setting range:1,000~20,000 RPM
Max RPM record Display range:0~20,000 RPM
RPM Signal (For Fuel Injection) Setting range:0.5,1~24
Total Engine Running Time Display range:0~99,999H
Hour meter A、B Display range:0~999,9H
Digital Volt meter Display range:DC 8.0 ~ 18.0 V
Level Volt meter Display range:6 Level
  Display unit:Start from 11.5 V with each interval 0.5 V
Low Voltage waring Warning Range: Warning light will be activated when current voltage is equal or lower than setting value.
Backlight brightness Display range:1 ~ 5(Darker)~ 5 ~ 5 (Brighter)、Auto
Lean angle warning Warning Range:Warning light will be activated when current angle is equal or greater than setting value.
Acceleration Display range:0 ~ 2.0 G  for all front, rear, left and right direction.
Target speed timer Display range:30 ~ 360 km/h (20 ~ 220 MPH)
Target distance timer Display range:50 ~ 1,500 M (1/32 ~ 30/32 mile)
  Setting:50 M (1/32 mile)
Low Fuel warning Display range:0 ~ 3 levels
  Symbol will flash when reading value is lower equal to the setting value.
Calender Display range:2,000 ~ 2,099 Year / 1 ~ 12 Month / 1 ~ 31 Day
Clock Display range:24H
Top speed timer The record including
  Speed:0 ~ 360 km/h (0 ~ 225 MPH)
  Distance:0 ~ 999 M (0 ~ 3,280 feet)
  RPM:0 ~ 20,000 RPM 
  Display Range Timer:0~9’59”99
Supply voltage DC 12 V
Effective temperature range -10 ~ +60 °C
Meter standard JIS D 0203 (S2)
Meter size 163 x 93 x 47.4 mm
Meter weight Around 240 g
Indicator light color Oil (Red) ‧ High beam (Blue) ‧ Neutral (Green) ‧ L Turn signal (Green) ‧ Voltage waring (Red) ‧ Water temperature (Red) ‧
EOBD (Amber) ‧ Oil pressure (Red) ‧ R Turn signal (Green) ‧ RPM shift light (Red、Yellow)




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