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Axel Joost Motorcycle In Handlebar Multi Flasher Relay

The Axel Joost Motorcycle In Handlebar Multi Flasher Relay is a small flasher controller for pushbuttons in a small package which will fit in any handlebar with an internal diameter of no less than 18mm. 
A comfort flasher function is integrated which will switch off the indicators after a while if no button is be pushed. 
dimensions: 40 mm length x 16 mm diameter
Power consumption: Maximum 7mA microcontroller, 2 x 4-ampere power unit
Housing: Black Odopal casting resin
Voltage range: 8 - 13.8V, briefly up to 18 volts
Connections: Control section 0,5mm², power section 1 mm², 10 cm
Maximum ambient temperature: 100 Grad Celsius
Permissible current from the 12V supply: 2 x 4 Amp, short circuit protection
You can use the Multi Flasher-relay in 2 different modes, the "Button mode" and the "Switch mode":
  • Red (thin), Button - or switch input left flasher
  • Orange, Button - or switch input right flasher
  • Yellow, program cable for power-on flasher function, when wired to ground
  • Green, program cable, which enables the switch mode function, when wired to ground
  • Blue, program cable, which enables the flasher auto off function, when wired to ground 
  • Red (big), +12 Volt power
  • Violet / purple (1), Output flasher left
  • Violet / purple (2), Output flasher right
  • Black, Ground / chassis
All flashers will flash 2 times when powering on the bike, if the power-on flasher function is activated. You can activate it by connecting the yellow cable to ground.
You can set up the Multi Flasher-relay to the switch mode when you connect the green cable to ground. In this mode you can use a turn signal switch.
The flasher auto off function is enabled, when the blue cable is wired to ground. In this mode the number of flashes is controlled by the time of the button press. A short button press will result in 4 flashes, a button press between about 0,5 and 1 second will result in 30 flashes and a longer button press above 1 second will result in 180 flashes.
All unused program cables can be cut and should be insulated. The outputs can handle light bulbs up to 100 Watt per side.
Please note that the Multi-Flasher Relay is made for installation in the handlebar or in the headlight.  An isntallation somewhere else ion the bikewihin a short distance of the ignition may result in "strange" unwanted functions of the relay due to interference.
In the button mode, an emergency flash function is activated by pressing both buttons at the same time.
The Multi Flasher-Relay was developed for installation on show bikes and racing bikes. It should be installed by professional well trained engineers only. Please check the local regulations in your country before using the Multi Flasher-Relay on your bike. Please be aware that we are not responsible for any hazards, damages or disadvantages due to the use of the device.
The electronic box devices are registered under the number DE54933725 WEEE as B2C device. We also declare that the Multi Flasher-relay is conform to the CE and ROHS regulations for the European market.
Price: £43.95
59.71 USD 52.52 EUR
Product ID 208-028
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