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Axel Joost Electronic Box Version G Motorcycle Lighting Control Unit

The Axel Joost Electronic Box Version G Motorcycle Electronic control unit and handlebar switch adapter.  The G-Box is comes with 1 or 2 handle bar switch adapters.  It controls the main electrical functions with push buttons on your motorcycle from a central location. The handlebar internal adapter reduces all the handlebar controls to a single wire interface with the control unit, removing all electrical handlebar clutter.
The Electronicbox provides the following functions: 
  • Light control with switch and pushbutton possible 
  • Light control 
  • Control of flasher 
  • Emergency flash function 
  • 2 x flashes when ignition on 
  • Flasher function with automatic off 
  • Control of horn 
  • Control of starter relay 
  • Control of engine stop function possible with 1 or 2 
  • Alarm switch input 
  • Brake light control 
  • Control from neutral - and stand switch possible. 
  • 8 Status leds on the cable side for an easy and fast wiring check.



An adapter in the handle bar will be connected to the push buttons and a thin single cable connects the adapter to the electronic box. 8 status led, connected to the outputs allow an easy installation and control. The most functions can be changed without problems from the user. Just hold the horn button while switching on the 12V and the box is in the programme mode after releasing the button. A short flash will indicate this status. You can change the function with pressing the left or right indicator button. You change to the next programme mode with an additional press on the horn button. the indicators will flash twice in order to show you the status. The following options are possible:  
Flashes Modus Button Left Button Right Description
1 x Showflasher Off On 2 x flasher when switching on 
2 x Comfortflasher Off On Indicators will switch off after 20 x
3 x Drive light Off On Indicators with 20 % brightness if "off"
4 x Breake Light Off On Brake light with 50 % brightness if "off"
5 x Start/Stop buttons 1 Button  2 Button  1 or 2 Button for Start /Stop
6 x Stand/Neutral. Off on Side stand and neutral switch active
The functions are be written in the E-Eprom and can be changed to every time. Please note that you need to switch off the box for minimum 3 seconds in order to discharge the internal capacitors before you can change the settings again. 
Box 50 mm x 42 mm x 12 mm, Adapter 35 mm x 15 mm
Body material:
Polycarbonat, waterproof potted with epoxy resin
Case Color: 
0,5 qmm for input, 1 qmm for power output 
Power consumption in operation:
20 mA due to the implemented led 
Maximum current per output: 6 Ampere
Maximum temperature:
120 degree Celsius
Input voltage range:
6 - 13,8 Volt,  temporary up to 20 Volt
Maximum current of the 12V ignition connector:
20 Ampere


Price: £184.95
208.83 EUR 252.70 USD
Product ID 361-925
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