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Axel Joost Digital Ignition Lock Easy RFID New Version

In contrast to other RFID solutions on the market, this RFID ignition lock does not consume any significant power in standby, so that the battery is spared and the motorcycle starts up even after several months without operation. 

In addition, 2 load switches for the ignition / peripherals (20 Ampere) and the start relay (3 Ampere) are already integrated, which saves additional parts and minimizes the wiring effort. A small supplied piezo loudspeaker can be connected if required and emits a short acoustic signal when a trained key is detected.

The control works with only one button. A push on the button activates the power supply to the radio module. If a registered electronic key is in the immediate vicinity, the ignition is switched on and a status LED flashes once. The starter can then be activated by pressing the button again. The starter relay is switched off again as soon as the button is released. The ignition remains on until the button is pressed briefly (less than 1/4 second) and the Easy RFID is switched off again. The starter motor can be operated at any time as long as the ignition is on.
The Easy RFID can be programmed to various electronic standard keys (125 kHz, EM4100). For this the orange cable is clamped against ground, the key to be learned is held to the Easy RFID and the start button is pressed. A flashing 3 or 4 times indicates that the Easy RFID has read the data from the key and is now accepting for the motorcycle. 2 keys can be read in, so that a lost key is no problem.
The maximum range is approx. 6-8 cm depending on the key used and the mounting position. 2 threaded bolts allow secure attachment to the bike. 2 keys (1 chip, 1 card) are included in the delivery. 
  • Box 40 mm x 25 mm x 12 mm, antenna D 29 mm x 19mm
  • power consumption in standby mode: maximum 30 uA
  • housing: black ABS, encapsulated with 2-K potting compound
  • input voltage: 9 - 16 Volt
  • connections: Control part 0.14 mm², power part 1.5 mm², each 20 cm length
  • Maximum range to key: Approx. 6 - 8 cm, depending on key and installation position
  • Maximum ambient temperature: 60 degrees Celsius
  • Admissible current from 12 V connection: 20 Ampere continuous current for ignition, 3 Ampere to start relay
Note: Please note that the Easy RFID may only be installed by appropriately trained service technicians.
Price: £137.95
169.26 USD 160.83 EUR
Product ID 361-973
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